MM, Athletic Bands Teaching Assistant

Andrew McGowan is a contemporary performing artist, originally from Macomb Illinois, who primarily works in the medium of Western Art Music. Across his portfolio career he has spent time curating wardrobes for doctors and lawyers and repairing instruments for major symphony musicians, but now spends his time composing, performing, and teaching.

In his solo projects he strives to curate stirring, contemplative performances favoring works by living artists and his own works for tuba and euphonium—which often involve fixed media, live electronic processing, atypical extended techniques, and omni-idiomatic improvisation.

His compositions feature works for ensembles of all sizes and styles but favor a neo-impressionist and post-minimalist flavor influenced by Bjork, Queen, Muse, Daft Punk, and Dubstep. This fusion of contemporary and ancient techniques utilizes sounds foreign to the concert hall in order to explore how the instrumentarium interacts with irregular rhythmic patterns, nature, and processed sounds.

In his down time Andrew enjoys yoga, comedy, reading, sports, exploring visual art, and being outdoors.